Souk Makkah Gate

Makkah’s Grand Commercial Center! About Souk Makkah Gate The full opening of Souk Makkah Gate is scheduled for the year 2023, located below the Jabal Omar Hilton DoubleTree Makkah and The Address Makkah Jabal Omar. It stands as the largest commercial center in the Jabal Omar destination, encompassing a mix of local and international brands […]

Souk Al-Khalil 3

Where Makkah’s Past and Present Converge About Souk Al-Khalil 3 Souk Al-Khalil 3, opened in 2022, is just steps away from the Holy Mosque, below the Jabal Omar Jumeirah Hotel. It offers investment opportunities for retailers to expand their businesses in Mecca. Get to know the brands in Souk Al Khalil 3 Select the categoryRestaurant […]

Souk Al-Khalil 2

Your Gateway to a World of Shopping and Dining About Souk Al Khalil 2 Souk Al-Khalil 2, opened in 2016, is located below the Jabal Omar Conrad Hotel. It stands as one of the major commercial markets in the vicinity of the Holy Mosque, providing opportunities for retailers to grow their businesses in Mecca. It […]

Souk Al-Khalil 1

Where Tradition and Commerce Converge in Makkah About Souk Al Khalil 1 Souk Al-Khalil 1, opened in 2013, is located near the courtyards of the Holy Mosque in Mecca, below Jabal Omar Hilton Suites and Jabal Omar Regency Residence. It stands as one of the largest commercial markets in the Jabal Omar area, distinguished by […]