Jabal Omar Services

Integration and harmony to provide an exceptional experience.

The management of Jabal Omar project is keen on providing an exceptional experience for its visitors by offering high-quality and diverse services.

ATM Services

The ATMs of Al Rajhi Bank are widely available in the hotels of Jabal Omar, providing convenience for visitors to access their banking services.

Parking Facilities

Jabal Omar project offers free parking facilities for the hotels guests, with the capacity to accommodate up to 1500 cars.

Transportation Service

The Jabal Omar project provides an electric carriage service for circumambulation (tawaf) and the ritual of Sa’i, facilitating the performance of Hajj and Umrah for the elderly and people with disabilities. Reservations can be made online or through the mobility application.

First Aid Room

Jabal Omar project offers first aid rooms throughout the project area, ensuring the provision of primary medical care in emergency situations.


Jabal Omar project features a comprehensive hospital with various medical specialties, ensuring a 360 medical care for all visitors and residents.