Al-Khalil Boulevard

Balancing Tradition and Modernity in the Holiest of Sites About Al-Khalil Boulevard Al-Khalil Boulevard project aims to create a world-class urban corridor that integrates modernity with tradition. By revitalizing the heart of Makkah, we seek to enhance the overall well-being of its residents, promote sustainable development, and generate economic opportunities for the region. Lorem Lorem […]


Embarking on an Immersive Time Travel Through Makkah’s Rich History About Museum Step into the heart of Makkah’s history with our Interactive Museum. Here, the past comes to life through engaging exhibits, immersive displays, and interactive experiences. Explore the rich heritage, culture, and traditions of Makkah in a dynamic and educational setting. It’s a journey […]

Sky Mussallah

Elevated and profound spiritual journey through the sky. About Sky Mussallah Experience the Ultimate Spiritual Haven, Guinness World Record Sky Mussallah! Our Sky Mussallah is a breathtaking place of devotion and tranquility, offering a unique prayer experience high above the bustling city of Makkah. With awe-inspiring views of the holy city, it’s a place for […]